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About Us

resolveHQ was started by Yvonne Gattung back in 2012 as way for her to correctly price different herbal formulae. Within a short time, she realised that other practitoners needed a tool for this and thus resolveHQ was born. Fast forward to 2019, the reins of resolveHQ have now been handed over to programmer Matt Griffiths and his wife to run and grow. We have big plans for our system, but at the same time, we want to maintain the small company feel

Why Choose Us?

  • Our system is simple and easy to use
  • Our ideas come from our customers
  • Get more value for your money
  • Incredibly fast loading times
  • All data is stored physically in New Zealand
  • Access your data from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • There are no downloads, just sign in and away you go


We have different package levels to suit your needs.


$29.00 per month

  • 1 User
  • 1 Company
  • 10 included SMS**
  • 50 Clients
  • 20 Stock Items


$49.00 per month

  • 2 Included Users*
  • 1 Included Company**
  • 50 included SMS***
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Stock Items


$89.00 per month

  • 4 Inlcuded Users*
  • 2 Included Companies**
  • 100 included SMS***
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Stock Items


$159.00 per month

  • Up to 8 Users*
  • 2 Included Companies**
  • 200 included SMS***
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Stock Items
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*Additional Users are $29.00 per user per month

**Additional Companies are $29.00 per company per month

***Additional SMS are $0.20 per message and are charged at the end of the month

The helpdesk is free of charge for all users

All Prices are in New Zealand Dollars unless otherwise stated and are subject to change without notice

What our clients say

"This system is great. So easy to use. It makes it incredibly easy to keep track of clients, stock and invoices - it takes all the hard work out of managing my practice"

- Sara Hamer

"I found the ResolveHQ to be very good, very clear and simple. I especially liked two things - the pricing of my stock so I was not losing money and being able to see what treatment I had given someone. In the past I used manual cards for this which was very messy. By using ResolveHQ I look professional"

- Pauline Bayley

"Just had to share this! Recently have begun using this brilliant cloud software ResolveHQ.com to manage my clients, stock, appointments, ordering, invoicing, etc. and it has just seriously saved my sanity. I was beginning to lose sleep over juggling so much! If anyone is interested in software to help manage their natural health business/clinic, this software is designed by naturopathic clinicians for clinicians. I highly recommend it, worth every penny.
The reason I use resolveHQ for myself is suddenly I got swamped with a tonne of new clients and realising that my systems (which mostly comprised of post-it notes around my house) wasn't cutting it"

- Joel LeBlanc

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Matt Griffiths

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